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A Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world, it is the clouding that occurs in the usually clear eye lens. The clouded vision caused by cataracts makes it difficult to do daily activities, when the impaired vision starts affecting the usual activities, the patient might need cataract surgery. Otherwise, if the patient is in the beginning stage, then stronger lighting and eyeglasses will help to deal with cataracts.

The Cataract department at Abate Eye Hospital is well-equipped to treat any level of Cataract in a safe and effective manner. The expert ophthalmologists, surgeons, well-trained staff, the modern diagnostic technologies and facilities at Abate Eye Hospital ensure the best possible care for a cataract patient. Cataracts develop slowly and as they progress they can blind the affected person. In such extreme cases, cataract surgery is the only remedy.

Cataract Thumbnail
Cataract Thumbnail


The primary symptom of cataract is clouded vision, the cloudiness increases as time progresses and can even lead to blindness. The other symptoms of cataracts include difficulty in night vision, light and glare sensitivity, requiring bright light for clarity, halos around lights, frequent changes in eyeglass prescription, difficulty in reading, fading colours and double vision in one eye. If you observe any of these symptoms, then don’t wait another minute to get a comprehensive eye checkup with our ophthalmologists at Abate Eye Hospital.

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Diagnosis and Treatment

A regular eye examination by an ophthalmologist is the right way to diagnose cataracts. The doctor will review your medical history and symptoms along with the eye examination. Several tests like the visual acuity test, the slit-lamp examination, the retinal exam and applanation tonometry.

When the prescribed glasses aren’t effective, then surgery is the only treatment to get rid of cataracts. You can do the surgery even before cataracts reach that stage. You can talk with your ophthalmologist about when is the right time for cataract surgery for you. Take time to consider the benefits and risks, delaying the surgery won’t affect your recovery.

The surgery involves removing the clouded lens and then replacing it with an artificial lens. This artificial lens will remain a permanent part of your eye. For some people, the use of artificial lenses may pose other problems. In such cases, after the cataract is removed, vision will be corrected with the help of eyeglasses or contact lenses. After the surgery, you will have some discomfort for a few days, and you will completely recover within a few weeks. If you have cataracts in both eyes, then the doctor will schedule the second surgery only after you have healed from the first surgery.

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